Advertise On Food Trucks

Food Truck Advertising has become one of the most popular trends in creative marketing. It’s a unique, interesting and highly visible way to promote a brand or product. More than just a rolling billboard, food truck advertising is way to engage and interact with consumers directly.

advertise on food trucksWith the dramatic increase in gourmet food trucks in almost every major market, corporate promotions are on the rise. Food truck takeovers, custom wrapped rented trucks, sponsored menus and nation-wide campaigns are just a few of the ways food trucks are being used by well-known brands to take their message to the street.

advertise on food trucksCreating a successful food truck campaign can be a complicated project. Enlisting the help of a professional can ensure your food truck advertising campaign will:

  • be partnered with a full-functioning food truck that best suits your needs;
  • have appropriate coverage for any liability or legal issues;
  • be staffed with experienced and skilled professionals;
  • have top quality design and installation for custom wraps;
  • have a sound schedule for training and execution of the event;
  • provide the best gourmet food around to complement your product’s promotion;
  • reach your target market with a carefully planned route;
  • and all the other little things that will give your event that wow factor.

advertise on food trucksIf you’re interested, we would love to help you with your event. Please contact us with details. If we can’t help we will do our best to connect you with a professional who can.

Thanks for your interest in Be sure to check out our gallery and blog for food truck advertising highlights and ideas.

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